Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yellow Stranger

A few years ago, I held onto a Waldorf Q for quite some time despite the fact that it was in fairly shabby condition due to prior mistreatment and a nasty FedEx shipping mishap. Regardless, I was able to build up a nice library of sounds on a couple of Q memory cards before it was eventually sold.

Just this last week I stumbled across a rather nice-condition Q courtesy of Noisebug and, thanks to a timely tax refund, was able to add it to the studio.

I really missed this quirky "yellow stranger" with its massive mod matrix and dual filters, especially the bizarre tuned combs! Because of the Q cards I had stashed away, I've already got a good head-start on programming. ;)

Except for drums and some spoken word, the following song is all Waldorf Q:

The face of strangeness by Carbon111

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khoral said...

Nice track
I've been curious about this Q for quite some time