Monday, March 26, 2007

Rheem Kee Bass

Just thought I'd put up a photo of my Kee Bass. Does anyone know when these were produced?

Its sort of skittish and delicate but when it works it works well. It served well as a live bass keyboard except when it would break down.


Anonymous said...

these were made late 60's.

Linda Marie said...

I, also, have one of these--One of the guys in the Devo video for "Whip It" uses the same Rheem Kee Bass as I have. Check out Devo in Wikipedia...Kins

Anonymous said...

I first saw rheem keebass in 1968(may be early 69) in moscow ,maine.
the band was called the "triffids"
we were sharing a venue...a high school dance or band battle or something;the keyboard player did a more than competene job on "light my fire".Although I was mostly into bass pedals I eventually acquired one but it was too difficult to maintain so I gave it away!! how stupid!!
flash allen