Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frac-ified Dotcom Reverb

I'd been wanting a spring reverb for my Frac Rack system, but nobody appeared to be manufacturing one. Since Dotcom stuff uses (more or less) the same power scheme as my Blacet gear, I decided to buy a Q115 Spring Reverb module and re-mount it on a Blacet blank. Roger from Dotcom assured me that the PCB was small enough (on this module, not necessarily their others!), and SynthBaron agreed to make me a Blacet-to-Dotcom power adapter cable for five bucks.

Drilling the panel and remounting the PCB was easy--so was replacing the 1/4-inch jacks with 1/8-inch ones. The tricky part turned out to be placement of the tank--I couldn't mount it in my rack, there was too much AC interference. I eventually decided to mount it up on the wall about two feet above the rack case, where it is perfectly free of hum. I am probably going to forget that, though, next time I move the case, and will likely break something.

The labels are just glossy inkjet stickers. I was thinking of buying a silkscreen kit and doing proper legending, but nah.

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KnowGood said...

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