Monday, February 25, 2008

Matris Terra Ultionis

If you have been following the blog over the past couple of months you should be familiar with the work of Richard Lainhart and Todd Barton (vgermuse). You will recall the Buchla 200e compositions from Richard posted here and the Akai EVI compositions from Todd posted here. You might also recall Daddio of Tapewarm from these posts.

After hearing the brilliant compositions by Richard and Todd, Daddio contacted them about creating a new composition, a mash-up of sorts, featuring their works and his. They gave him the ok and Matris Terra Ultionis is the result. You can listen to it here.

part one features:
metaliton, buchla2Crop, eviExtended, and buchlaStormBirds.
mixed with WarStorm samples and an old waterphone recording

part two:
Thonk and SlowEvolution
w/more WarStorm samples and Launch

part three:
Orchestra of the Damned, SpaceMetal, buchlaDemo2, buchlaDrumSolo, eviSerge and eviSerge2
yet more from Warstorm and My Hydrogen Gas Tank

Regarding the sources of the compositions:
Thonk and Orchestra of the Damned are from Richard.
200e/Haken continuum

WarStorm, Launch and My Hydrogen Gas Tank are Daddio's compositions.
He used a Doepfer modular, twin Kaoss pads and a waterphone along with a boatload of samples.

All other files are Todd's: metaliton, buchla2Crop, eviExtended, and buchlaStormBirds, SpaceMetal, buchlaDemo2, buchlaDrumSolo, eviSerge and eviSerge2.

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-daddio- said...

more liner notes:
"Mort" is a ficticious band consisting of MrMarz (daddio) Richard and Todd. I thought of Mert, Mart, Murt, but the resemblece to Morton's music made Mort the obvious choice. (whew - that's some alliteration for ya)

The title photo is a collage of Todds photos mangled in Photoshop.

Matris Terra Ultionis is Latin for Mother Nature's revenge.

Story line goes something like this:
tranquility -> desecration -> warnings -> consequences -> escape (by the fortunate few)-> the new world -> conflict with the natives -> repeat ad nauseum

Will we ever learn?