Thursday, January 24, 2008

CHOPPA primer Lunchtime Concert [22/01/2008]

"A live improvisation set at a lunchtime concert. All instrumentations were sampled, manipulated and processed live with KP3 and RC-20 into various effects processors. All percussions were done on the electric guitar. Only three instruments were used: 1) Toy Xylophone; 2) Electric Guitar; 3) Voice; In the middle section, the sounds and noises were feedbacks caused by sending signals from the INEKO and KP3 into themselves, causing a feedback loop and manipulated with EQ live, the rest were processed sounds with Plogue Bidule and hardware effects unit of the original live sampling.

Gear List:
Toy Xylophone
Electric Guitar
KORG Koass Pad 3
BOSS RC-20 Loop Station
Alesis Ineko Multi-efx processor
Yamaha MG10/2 Mixer
Mini clip-on microphone
MAC Powerbook: Running Plogue Bidule
Recording: KORG MR-1000"

Sonicbrat live 22/01/2008 @ lasalle. It's a live solo improvisation lunchtime concert.

Update: The free download is now available at:

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