Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TRY - experimental mailing list

there is a new mailing list called TRY for experimental electronics / art. its intended to be sort of an all encompassing mesh of new audio device announcements, idea exchange, bender Q and A, pedal / synth builder announcements, live show announcements, parts trading post...… you get the idea. experimental stuff mainly but anything worth talking about is cool. more then likely it will turn into an avenue for people to announce their new stuff more then anything else. so all the builders and benders that sell their ware's and need a way to get the word out or anyone having a show featuring noise or experimental work, installations, new music to share, cd release's big or small, that sort of thing... this is a way to let people know it exists

it will be a little slow at first while the member list grows ( hopefully grows ) so tell EVERYONE you know to sign up so we can get it breathing

you can find the subscribe page here

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