Thursday, December 21, 2006


Matrix suggested I post this item here, so being the slavish synth sycophant that I am, here it is. The title link is to some nice homebrew gear from Robb Drinkwater from Chicago area - I'm sorry i didn't get to ZeroPoint's gig last friday, there are more images at the title link

Robb's description of this is item

"The oscillators---- The oscillators are exactly that: two basic square-wave oscillators. But what makes them perhaps different is their control. The white rectangle in the foreground is a "light-table": a piece of white acrylic with LEDs embedded in the sides. Sitting on this are the four 'pucks', two violet and two yellow, each containing a photo-resistor. One of each set (the round ones) control the pitch of each oscillator while the others (square) contol the amplitude and filtering. "

the following text description comes from J. Niimi and is shamelessly pasted here

"ZEROPOINT Local experimental electronic musicians Robb Drinkwater and Jason Soliday have been improvising as Zeropoint for the past seven years. Soliday plays a selection of hand-built and circuit-bent gizmos, including a dinky keyboard adorned with many more knobs and sensors than God intended; Drinkwater's homemade arsenal includes a combined shortwave radio and feedback loop, outfitted with copper pads that let his fingertips become part of the circuits, and a "matrix mixer" that looks like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. (See for yourself at gear/gear.html.) The sounds Zeropoint creates are pretty sci-fi too--imagine you could listen to deep-space magnetic events, cryptic microwave transmissions, and colliding black holes." J Niimi

Rock on

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