Friday, October 14, 2005

Welcome to SYNTHWIRE

Welcome to SYNTHWIRE. I created this blog for others to put up what they want in the world of synths. Anything goes as long as it has to do with synths. Art, music, DIY, analog, digital, hardware, software, anything. Even promoting your own stuff. Just do it in style or you'll probably push people away rather than bring them to you. BTW, I also run MATRIXSYNTH. I was going to open up that blog to other posters, but I received a ton of feedback not to. But... I still want a place for others to be able to put up stuff themselves. So... I created SYNTHWIRE. It's like a news wire on everything synth, fed by you, the players of the synth world.

Note: If you are new to blogging think of this as a journal or news site, not a forum. When you put something up it basically becomes an article on the site referred to as a post. People can engage in dialog under the comments section of each post, but it's not really the same as a forum as new posts will move older posts down the chain. If you think of as a forum it may dissappoint you. Check out other blogs for ideas. Anyway...

How do you sign up? Shoot me an email at matrix6 at

Have fun. : )

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