Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gas 0095 15 Year Anniversary Collection Giveaway

The analog Gas 0095 album (Moog, Roland, Korg, Emu, Sequential Circuits) was first released fifteen years ago this month. To celebrate, we're giving away the Gas 0095 Collection (inc Scale Minimoog model), plus we'll have other Gas 0095 posts and interviews over the next couple of weeks, including a Q&A (submit your questions here...)

Gas 0095 - giga zoom

A mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album accompany a microscopic journey into the album art.
Select 480P for higher quality or Watch in HD here...

Simply add a comment to our blog post (link) to be in with a chance to win. The first name out of the quantum random number generator will win the Gas 0095 Collection...

Gas 0095 Collection = CD, t-shirt (Gas or High Skies), flac 24bit, MP3 320k including digital booklet, plus Microscopics Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models.
Two runners-up will win the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt.

Draw will take place on Monday 8th March.
Simple, just add a comment now.

Also, ask any question about Gas 0095; gear, recording, artwork, names, Emit, techniques etc here...


Friday, February 05, 2010

High Skies - Sounds of Earth

We're pleased to announce the release of the new High Skies - Sounds of Earth EP.

Blade Runner meets Voyager, Deckard meets Sagan. Six tracks of analog, deep phased electronics.

Includes the track 'The Shape of Things to Come' (free download) from the ambient game 'Osmos'.

Includes a 'Get this EP for free' offer

Roland Jupiter 6
Oberheim Matrix 6
Cheetah MS6
Akai S612
Roland AP2