Sunday, July 27, 2008

Polyfusion Modular for sale

For sale on craigslist in Tampa, FL for $10k (not mine):

"POLYFUSION SERIES 2000 MODULAR SYNTHESIZER - Asking $10,000 and I'm taking all serious offers plus or minus of the asking price. The synth is very heavy and makes out of state sales a nightmare. SEE FULL SIZE PIC: THIS is the real deal when it comes to modular synthesizers. This is a RARE Series 2000 in immaculate physical shape. I am the 1st owner and it's been in a smoke free studio and only moved to three locations total since purchased in 1976. The Polyfusion is a rare instrument... and one of the finest synths ever made. This unit is in a rare all steel cabinet which assured that the oscillators and modules were stable and not influenced my RF (radio frequencies) or other external fields that caused havok with most synths in this class. Polyfusion was designed and built by two ex Moog engineers, Ron Folkman and Alan Pearce in 1976. This was the next generation synth and is still one of the most excellent examples of where modular synths were headed. The construction on this synth is over the top incredible. All highest quality circuit boards, components and unbelieveable stability. The oscillators were ROCK solid and didn't drift. Users of this synth were Toto and film composer Hans Zimmer. The only considerations for this system is: * One of the power supplies need repaired (just haven't had time) *The 2052 dual keyboard works fine... but the keys have been removed so that new rubber guides (whatever they are called) can be installed because the old ones deteriorated. This happened to most all 1975-ish or similar keyboards. Otherwise, the system is in perfect shape. Everything else is in working order. Here's what is included: 2010 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (5) 2012 Dual Ring Modulator (1) 2010 Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (2) 2030 Variable Formant Filter (1) 2020 Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (1) 2046 Dual Envelope Generator (2) 2048 Dual Sample-Hold (1) 2060 Power Supply (2) (one needs a new regulator, about $4) 2002 Random Signal Generator (1) 2080 Four Input Mixer (8) 2071 Full Size Lower Steel Cabinet (1) The cabinet is rare*(only 3 or 4 Poly's were made of steel, the rest were made of aluminum!) 2052 Two Voice Keyboard with Velocity and Pressure "

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pro-One progress...

A little update for those who remembered my Pro-One project:

Well, after finally replacing the old capacitors and finding a set of P5 knobs for my SCI Pro-One, I thought I'd top everything off with a little treat.

I just added Synthwood's "light mod" to my Pro-One which adds color-switchable lights on the wheels. (currently set to orange)

Intensity can be off, full on or synced to the LFO waveform with the toggle switch. On some color settings, the lights actually cycle through different colors during the LFO's duty cycle. Being able to "see" the LFO waveform as well as rate is rather useful, actually. Very nice!

The P5 knobs give it a bit of class as well, making it look a little more like its "big brother". :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Weekend Visitor...

This is the first time I've had any time with the Solaris since NAMM...and, sadly, I only get to enjoy it for a few days.

It's at O.S. version 0.8 now and there's been some solid progress...there are lots of features active and present that were conspicuous by their absence when I demoed it for folks at NAMM. Just a ton of stuff is now implemented. I'm extremely jazzed - This is very quickly turning into my favorite synth!

There will still be a bit of a wait for the production model...after a slow start, Sonic Core had to finish up some of their own stuff first before turning their attention back to the Solaris. John is justly proud of his baby and is working like crazy to get it finished in a timely manner.

It's a blast to program with this knobby/visual interface! Everything is right at the top, no menu diving. No mod matrix either - If I want to add modulation, I just go to the destination on the control panel, select a mod source and dial in the amount.

I've recorded a quick little song with just the Solaris:

Permanent Sunrise

Everything is Solaris except drums, which are Korg Electribe ES-1. I'm not completely comfortable posting the MP3 because people will want to judge the sound of the synth by it, lossy compression and all, which would be unfair. The WAV file sounds much, much better but its really enormous. I'll see if I can do a FLAC version...

This tune is mostly PPG-style wavetable patches. The droney bass thing throughout is a wavetable patch, so is the "plucky" sound throughout and also the weird sound at the two breaks that have a pitch-up at the end.

The background string pad is a simple "multi-saw" pad using just two oscillators - each multi-saw osc is equivalent to seven detuned saws with detune amount being a mod destination.

The synced lead is very nice - John has tried to get the sync to sound as close to a P5 sync as possible - there's some one-to-one wav file comparisons of that in the forum section of his website.

Since there are no strictly "VA" patches in the song, other than the sync lead, it won't sound particularly "analog" though the Solaris excels in that area too, I'll see what I can do, time permitting, to portray its VA personality...or maybe something a bit "darker". Once again, in my song the drums are Electribe though, when the Solaris ships, there will be sample playback as well that you could conceivably stuff with drum hits. However this beast won't really be a "rompler" per se but, in a pinch, it may be all you need.

If you want sound samples unadulterated by MP3 compression and artifacts, go check out the examples over on John Bowen's site - There's some on the main "Solaris" page and many more in the forum.

It looks like things are on track now that Sonic Core is on the ball again. There'll be another prototype (with the vector joystick and some other notable physical changes) before too terribly long but, in the meantime, the O.S. has been progressing in a really thrilling way!

UPDATE: Well, I had to give it back, John had just received a new OS for it., anyway, I wrapped up the thing I was working on with a metallic plucky lead and a few snippets of piano from the Nord Stage.


Rhythm is Electribe again.

Everything else is Solaris.