Friday, January 05, 2007

Building the Wiz - Chapter III

The work goes on! I just got my front panel and front panel components. The panel you get from Elby Designs is huge! I mean, REALLY HUGE! It's so much bigger in person and it weighs a lot. Now, all I need is a cabinet (which I'm currently designing). I'm sending the ASM-2 PCB back to Elby Designs for corrections and, probably, some testing before I start wiring - to make sure it's 100% functional when I first turn it on! I had to pay $180(!) duty for the front panel stuff, so my budget is pretty low at the moment. When I have enough money to start working again, I will! This is gonna be the most awesome DIY synth ever built (at least according to me ;D)!


Dmitry Kichenko said...

Crazy! How big is it? If it is indeed that big, are you going to need huge whells instead of knobs? Like those on submarines.


VCO said...'s 912x587cm! It sure is huge. When I first got it my first thought was "how the heck am I going to find space for this thing?!". A positive reaction, that is ;)