Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Building the Wiz

Some of you might already know, but: I'm building an ASM-2 Wizard. ASM-2 Wizard is a semi-modular synthesizer, based on the ASM-2 PCB offered by Elby Designs ( The Wizard has 2VCO, 2VCF, 2VCA, 2ADSR, 2VCLFO, S&H, Ring Modulator, Noise Generator, Glide, Inverter, Splitter and 4-voice MIDI-to-CV Interface. The front panel Elby Designs offers is a very well laid-out front panel with a smart semi-modular-approach, similar to the Korg MS-series .

I got the PCBs and components thursday 23rd and have been soldering almost constantly since. The PCBs are very straight-forward and have been easy to work with. I don't even know how to read resistor colour codes, but I managed to assemble the kits (jay for MFOS' resistor calculator!!). I finished the ASM-2 PCB, which I saved for last, today and I have to say it has been really fun. I'm going to order the front panel and front panel components later.

I'm currently working on the case design, which is going to be a wooden case with carrying handles on the sides or one carrying handle on top of the synth. The case is going to look similar to an ARP2600.

More info and pics will follow...

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