Sunday, October 16, 2005

MInisonic2 DIY Synth

Here's really cool synth project this fellow put together. His name is Julian Bunn, and this is his site detailing the whole process. It's an old project from geeky old magazines he resurrected and did a great job with. Julian's great site goes through all the detail and history of the Minisonic. There is also this great photo of a badass o'scope in action. I found out about the Minisonic from this great thread about a "Wacky, Zany, Weird (and possibly Odd) Sound Maker Project" in


matrix said...

Wow. Love the built in oscilliscope.

ortho said...

Wait, what? I think that's just the o-scope itself, not part of the synth. The Minisonic site seems to be having issues today (images and sounds aren't loading).

Great work though! One day i'm gonna get out that ol' solderin iron myself.