Monday, October 17, 2005

Elsewhere at Kollaboration 2003

This isn't quite on topic, but this is an awesome video of some of the best dancing I have ever seen. Musicthing had a post of this guy at Kollaboration 2001 dancing to Kraftwerk. Here is the 2003 video. And here is a site with more info and video clips. Enjoy.


furious said...

What is the name of that Kraftwerk song?

matrix said...

Lava boy. The kid dancing not the song. Wow. I haven't seen that clip of him before. Amazing stuff. As for OT? Not sure. : ) I want this site to be where you can post anything related to synths. You can argue that the music inspired the dance or you can arugue it has absolutely nothing to do with synths. So... I'm fine with it as long as no one complains?

BTW, I set up a separate blog a while back called Sparkletrain for people to put up stuff like this. You can get to it via or I moved it over to blogspot when I moved Matrixsynth over and set up Synthwire.

And yes, obviously feel free to sign up to that one and start posting stuff that doesn't quite fit SYNTHWIRE.

I'm off to post this over there actually. : )

matrix said...

BTW, if you haven't followed Alang's links to more, do it and check out this earlier clip that was floating around: Absolutely insane.

alang said...

sounds good. i start checking that one. and sign up eventually. i am glad to have a chance to post here too. thanks. hopefully more people will start posting. i see a couple others that are signed up.

[d] said...

That song's by Autechre -- "Eutow" off of Tri Repetae++.

I always wondered how to dance to an AE tune. Now I know.